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Universidad de Sonora  is an autonomous institution of higher education and public service. It was founded in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico in 1942. With over 75 years of educational experience, the university is considered Sonora’s most valuable social heritage due to the importance and quality of human and material resources, its student population, the quality of the education it offers, the presence of its alumni, and its impact in regional history and progress.

Due to the strategic geographical location of its six campuses, the university plays an essential role in promoting innovative and varied educational programs, as well as in making and implementing new discoveries to face the challenges of global development.

Achievements and progress have made possible for the university to be recognized as one of the best universities nationwide, as well as attain the leadership in the northwest of Mexico and the state.

Universidad de Sonora offers a wide variety of academic programs. These options include 78 undergraduate degrees across six campuses, 28 masters, 13 doctoral degrees, and 6 certificates. 91.2% of assessable undergraduate programs are recognized for their high quality by national accreditation organisms COPAES and CIEES. 35 of the 47 graduate degrees are part of PNPC (Quality Degrees National Program) and students may apply for a grant from Conacyt (National Council for Science and Technology).

Our faculty and students work together to create and disseminate new knowledge and creative works. More than 30,000 students are engaged in academic programs of all levels under the capable tutelage of more than 2,500 professors. 787 of these professors hold Ph.Ds, and 328 of them are part of SNI (National Researchers System), meaning they are recognized for their outstanding efforts in research in various disciplines.

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