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International Mobility& Collaboration Centre (IMCC) was previously known as the USM International Office. The IMCC will be the platform for USM International students to pursue quality higher education through various mobility programmes. Through these programmes, USM students will be able to compete in the global market and can stand shoulder to shoulder as the future Global HR through various programmes at home and abroad. We would like to welcome students to join the programmes and experience living in Malaysia, a diverse country that is rich in cultures and great hub for travelling to other South East Asian countries. The student exchange and study abroad programme provides students the opportunity to study from one to two semesters. USM is a leading university which would allow you to experience first class education in a great location and discover a nation known throughout the world being ‘Truly Asia’.

Student Population 20,001+
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Mailing Address International Mobility and Collaboration Centre, Building C09, Universiti Sains Malaysia , Minden , Pulau Pinang
TEL +604-653-2780
FAX +604-653-2781
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