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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) was established on May 18, 1971. It is a comprehensive university and has almost 200,000 alumni since its inception. Starting out with only three faculties, it has since grown into 13 faculties, 13 research institutes of excellence and two commercial entities, UKM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and UKM Technology Sdn. Bhd. It has thus grown not just in size, but also stature, becoming a research institute in various fields of study including operating various research centres in Malaysia.

Aware of the changes taking place in the academic landscape, UKM is taking steps to address them. One, is through e-Learning to prepare students through innovative teaching and forward–looking curriculum to meet demands of the new economic needs. Secondly, it nurtures research to provide solutions to pressing problems and at the same time engage with the community and industry, as a sustainable development initiative both at the national and international levels. UKM currently has 71 patents and it ranges from the area of Engineering, Science, Medical and others..

UKM is a Research University, as rewarded by Government of Malaysia in 2007. 

Student Population 20,001+
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