SWU / Showa Women's University
Setagaya Japan

Showa Women’s University (SWU) was founded in 1920 by a renowned poet and literary critic named Enkichi Hitomi and his wife, Midori Hitomi. Enkichi had a vision of forming a school for women when their access to higher education was still limited. This new school was based on Leo Tolstoy’s educational philosophy of “Love, Understanding and Harmony.” Additionally, SWU's motto, ”Be a Light to the World," signals its institutional commitment to producing female graduates who will play significant roles in the global society.

Although SWU’s main campus is located at the center of Tokyo, 10 minutes from Shinjuku/5 minutes from Shibuya by train, the campus is surrounded by an abundance of nature. SWU has 2 graduate schools with 11 departments and 6 undergraduate faculties with 14 departments. SWU is not only a university but also encompasses schools for all ages and a variety of research institutions. In addition, SWU also shares its campus with the British School in Tokyo Showa as well as with Temple University Japan Campus from 2019, providing a very diverse learning environment.

In recent years, SWU has been expanding its global partnerships with institutions to collaborate through student exchange programs and beyond. SWU welcomes international students from around the world who are eager to study Japanese and have an exciting study abroad experience at the center of Tokyo. 

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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Mailing Address 1-7-57 Taishido , Setagaya , Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3411-5249
FAX +81-3-3411-6973
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