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Osaka Gakuin University invites you to become a part of the most ideal Japanese studies program to study Japanese language and culture in Japan. Our location is second to none! The campus is located only thirty minutes from Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan; ten minutes from the downtown hub of the Osaka business and entertainment district; forty minutes from Kobe, one of the world's leading trading ports; sixty minutes from Nara, the oldest historical region of Japan, and about two and a half hours by Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from the nation's capital, Tokyo. Our Japanese studies program is the most progressive, practical and unique in all of Japan. In the morning, we offer intensive Japanese language classes and in the afternoon, subject courses related to Japan and Asia which are instructed in English or Japanese by our highly qualified teachers.

The International Center staff also offer extensive support and guidance for each student. They pride themselves on the individual attention given to each and every international student. If you are interested in a "life-changing," and unforgettable study abroad experience; we await you at Osaka Gakuin University!

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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Mailing Address 2-36-1 Kishibe-Minami , Suita , Osaka
TEL +81-6-6381-8434
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