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Nagoya University of Foreign StudiesNUFSwas established in 1988 as the only foreign language university in Central Japan, with the educational philosophy of human education and practical learning. With approximately four thousand students enrolled in ten faculties at four undergraduate schools and the graduate school, NUFS has grown into a mid-scale university. NUFS shares its campus with its sister university – Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences (NUAS) – with the total number of students in the two institutions amounting to seven thousand.

 NUFS puts effort into receiving exchange students from overseas partner institutions. Our exchange students come from over a hundred universities around the world. By providing opportunities for our domestic and international students to study together, we hope they will learn from one another and deepen their understanding of foreign cultures as well as their own, in order to foster the ability to think and act with a global mindset.

 Through its broad-ranging and rich curriculum, NUFS aims at fostering students with deep expertise and high linguistic proficiency, able to engage with the society with empathy and from an international perspective. One of the challenges Japan faces as a rapidly internationalizing nation is how to build a society, whereby Japanese and foreign residents can live harmoniously side by side. Further, fostering human resources with a rich global perspective able to flourish on the globalized scene is yet another social challenge. With four hundred domestic students participating in study abroad programs at NUFS’s partner institutions every year, NUFS ranks 1st in Central Japan and 6th nation-wide in terms of the number of students sent overseas to study.

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