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Since its founding, Kibi International University has grown markedly in strength, scale, and stature. Over the past quarter-century, it has greatly increased the number of educational programs it offers while simultaneously taking great care to maintain and further raise what have been consistently high standards. Comprehensively accredited by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation (JIHEE), Kibi International University is a fully-fledged and vibrant university comprising Schools of Social Science, Health Science and Social Welfare, Psychology, Agriculture, Foreign Language Studies, and Animation Culture. Kibi International University has three campuses; Takahashi Campus for Schools of Social Science, Health Science and Social Welfare, and Animation Culture, Minami Awaji Campus for Agriculture, and Okayama Campus for Foreign Language Studies. While we look out to the world, we treasure our communities and rich human life they foster, and we always keep in mind the adage to think globally and act locally. Since 2013, in recognition of our efforts to revitalize our region, we have been designated by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture as a base for its Center of Community scheme. Participating in this scheme, students are brought face to face with the challenges that will help them realize thier full potential.

Student Population 0-5,000
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