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Bunkyo Gakuin University (BGU) is part of Bunkyo Gakuen, an educational institution that was founded in the year 1924. Today Bunkyo Gakuen is comprised of a full range of educational institutions including the graduate school, university, high school, junior high school and kindergarten. For more than 90 years, Bunkyo Gakuen has emphasized and concentrated on practical education under a principle of education that encourages independence and co-existence.

BGU is comprised of four undergraduate faculties which include Business Administration, Foreign Studies, Human Studies, and Health Science Technology, and also include the Graduate School, which is made up of the Schools of Foreign Studies, Business Administration, Human Studies, and Health Care Science. The University currently has over 4,000 students enrolled in the undergraduate program who study within 12 separate Departments.

Developing our International exchange program is another aspect of our mission. We are working to expand our connections with the international universities we cooperate with as part of our exchange program. We are currently accepting exchange students from countries such as the United States, Canada, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. On our campuses, Japanese and International students engage freely and enthusiastically in exchange, and it is these students, aware of cultural diversity and the importance of "co-existence," who are journeying to the various corners of the globe to carry out our mission.

Student Population 0-5,000
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