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The Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), founded in 1848, it has a vast academic experience and aims to be a university of excellence, with an emphasis on research with a global approach. It is the second oldest university in Chile, with 170 years if history and lists among the three leading universities in terms of number of patents at a national level. Our university is also leading in terms of inclusion, with a diverse community, which has put it among the 1% best universities in Latin America according to international rankings. According to QS World University Rankings: USACH is located in 13th position in Latin America. While in the national rankings, is located in 3th position.  Additionally, the USACH is located in the best 500 universities in the world.  We are part of the 100 Universities most recognized in the Literature and linguistics area and also we currently occupy the place No. 125 in employability.

The USACH receives students from more than 21 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America. More then 50 higher education institutions send their students to our university.

Our unique campus is located in the middle of Santiago, the capital city, at a short distance from both the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Our university also excels as an inclusive institution with a distinguished seal of excellence, which is reflected in the research output, academic quality and social responsibility.

The university has 8 faculties, 68 undergraduate programs, 15 doctorate and 42 master programs. The total number of students sums up to 23.840. In addition, the campus has 32 hectares of building and green areas, apart from more than 50 different research labs.

The complete offer of education and research opportunities concentrates in the following faculties: Faculty of Administration and Economics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Technology and the recent inaugurated Faculty of Law. Apart from these, there is a School of Architecture since 1993 and a general humanities and sciences programme.

The International Office offers support for international visitors, students as well as faculty staff. A special programme called “USACH without borders” offers several services that go from assistance upon arrival and campus orientation, to leisure activities and cultural sight visits where the main goal is to connect the incoming students with our local staff and students. We highly value the presence of international visitors and therefore create local interactions go make their stay as beneficial as possible for both local and international students and staff. 

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