DU / Daegu University
Gyeongsan Republic of Korea

Daegu University, Korea's first higher educational institute for special education, was founded in 1956 and included the fields of Special Education, Rehabilitation Science, and Social Welfare. Today, Daegu University is a comprehensive university with 13 colleges (95 majors), 7 graduate schools, and an enrollment of over 20,000 students.

At present, Daegu University is recognized not only as Korea's top university for Special Education, Rehabilitation Science, and Social Welfare, but also at the top in Information and Communication Technology, Industry-Academy Cooperation, and Continuing Education. In addition, it is becoming a dominant force in the fields of Design, Bio-industry, and the Automotive Parts Industry.

In order to pursue the internationalization of education, Daegu University has signed agreements with over 300 institutes around the world and is now actively implementing various programs such as joint research, and faculty and student exchanges. As an example of these internationalization efforts, approximately 1,000 students are invited or dispatched to Daegu University annually. In addition, approximately 1,500 international students from 60 countries are enrolled at Daegu University. To support these international students, Daegu University provides scholarships of between 30 and 100 percent of tuition and provides reasonably-priced dormitory accommodations for 100 percent of its international students. 

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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Mailing Address Daegudaero 201, Jillyang , Gyeongsan , Gyeongbuk
TEL +82-53-850-5684
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