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Overview of Tra Vinh University

Tra Vinh is a developing province in the Mekong River Delta with the population of more than 1 million in which ethnic minor group (Khmer people accounts for 30% of the province’s population). 

Tra Vinh University (TVU) is the only university in Tra Vinh province located in the Mekong Delta, which was approved to take the educational and training mission. In 2006, TVU was developed to university from Tra Vinh Community College that was established in 2001 under the framework of the Vietnam-Canada Community College Project (VCCCP) funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The VCCCP was able to successfully adapt the Canadian community college model in a Vietnamese context under the leadership of Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh University and President of the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges (VACC). 

Tra Vinh University is also the member of College and University of Canada (CiCan).

Tra Vinh University is composed of various schools, departments, offices, and centres that are distributed on four campuses. Only Campus I, its total land area is 40 hectares with new facilities and equipment for teaching, learning and researching. The university has more than 900 staff/faculty and about 25,000 students, and 43 units in which there are 12 Schools being responsible for training in fields: Nano Technology; Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts; Medicine-Pharmacy-Odonto-stomatology; Agri-aquaculture; Engineering and Technology; Economics-Law; Foreign Languages;  Office Administration-Vietnamese Studies and Pedagogy. 

TVU provides multi-level, multi-discipline and articulation training programs from high school programs, certificate granting courses, short and long-term courses, college, university and post graduate programs to all learners at all ages with special care for women, ethnic minority and people with special need; meeting the long-life learning demand for learners; closely linking to enterprises, employers in order to ensure skill-driven training and ensure the best employment opportunity for learners; aiming at a typical university in professional educational system in Vietnam and success in international integration. Its vision is to become one of the best community-driven universities not only in the region but also across Vietnam.  

The institution establishes relationships with public agencies, socio-political organizations, educational units, enterprises, employers, employees, and international organizations, all to aim at carrying the university core activities: scientific research, admission and scientific and technological transfer, service provisions, the need for human resources and job opportunity for local and regional people. 

Among of those responsibilities, international collaboration is considered one of the focuses as the university developmental strategy. Indeed, TVU has been establishing international collaborations in education, training and other fields with organizations and institutions from America, Canada, Australia and Asia. TVU has established partnership with institutions and universities in Australia, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

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