its / Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Surabaya Indonesia

Occupying a large area of 180 hectares as it main campus, ITS provides advantages for both excellent scientific activities and pleasant natural life environment. Covering an area in the vicinity of east Surabaya, ITS also has a very friendly atmosphere and enormous community spirit. The institute has long been maintaining its reputation for innovative and proactive relationship with industries and the public services.

Various works of scientific and social significance produced by ITS students, graduates, and faculty members have been dedicated to the community and industrial world to help them gaining the most of economic and social benefits.This tradition of mutual trust and cooperation has been carried out to meet the institution’s vision of social dedication and work. 

Recognized as one of the best technology universities in Indonesia, ITS offers great and challenging career prospects to its graduates. Many of our graduates are occupying top position in businesses, as well as public organizations. Joining ITS means ensuring your head start in today’s competitive job market.

What to Study at ITS?

Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Planning

- Architecture

- Urban and Regional Planning

- Industrial Product Design

- Interior Design

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication

- Informatic

- Information Systems

- Information of Technology

Faculty of Mathematics and Data Science

- Mathematics

- Statistics

- Actuarial Science

Faculty of Natural Science

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Biology

Faculty of Vocation

- Infrastructure and Civil Engineering

- Industrial Chemical Engineering

- Industrial Mechanical Engineering

- Instrumentation Engineering

- Automation and Electrical Engineering

- Business Statistics

Faculty of Industrial Technology

- Mechanical Engineering

- Industrial Engineering

- Chemical Engineering

- Material Engineering

- Engineering Physics

Faculty of Marine Technology

- Marine Engineering

- Marine Transportation

- Naval Architecture

- Ocean Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Technology

- Electrical Engineering

- Computer Engineering

- Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Environment, and Geoscience

- Civil Engineering

- Environmental Engineering

- Geophysics Engineering

- Geomatic Engineering

Faculty of Business and Management Technology

- Business Management

- Management of Technology

- Development Studies

Student Population 20,001+
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Mailing Address Campus ITS Sukolilo , Surabaya , East Java
TEL +62-31-5923411
FAX +62-31-5923411
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