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At the University of Fukui, composed of 4 undergraduate schools: Education, Medical Sciences, Engineering and Global and Community Studies, and 4 graduate schools: Education, Professional Development of Teachers, Medical Sciences, and Engineering, we provide comprehensive education that maximizes the abilities of each and every student. In addition, through unique learning in each school, we aim to nurture talented individuals with the ability to work in the globalizing and increasingly complex society.

In the School of Engineering, we aim to nurture engineers with a wide knowledge base and applied engineering skills through teaching fundamental and specialized knowledge and crossover learning into related fields. In the School of Global and Community Studies, which is in its third year since establishment, we have focused on intensification of foreign language education and practical specialized education such as with interdisciplinary education and problem exploration projects, so that we can nurture individuals who can examine and find solutions for world issues from a global perspective. In the School of Education, we are dedicated to the training of teaching staff. We use practical methods for learning (students and school staff regularly visit education-related sites), and we also have ongoing research and development on new education methods utilizing active learning. In the School of Medical Sciences, our medical science education has a high degree of internationality, and we educate highly practical doctors and nurses who can cope with the ever-advancing healthcare profession.

The graduates of the University of Fukui are active in various fields both in Fukui and outside the prefecture. In terms of employment, we have maintained a high employment rate and a low rate of job turnover, proving that the abilities of our students are evaluated highly in companies. At the same time, it is also the result of our students developing into strong individuals.

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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