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Shokei Gakuin University, established in 1892, is located in Natori City, a suburb south of Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture.  Sendai is the second largest city in Northern Japan.  The campus is in a natural setting on a hill that overlooks Sendai City, the Pacific Ocean and the Zao mountain range.  With our beautiful campus and warm, friendly faculty and staff, Shokei Gakuin University endeavors to offer the best support to help students’ dreams come true.

We have six departments under the Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences and it will be reorganized from April 2019 to three colleges; College of Humanities and Social Studies, College of Psychology and Education and College of Human Health and Nutrition. 

Student Population 0-5,000
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Mailing Address 4-10-1 Yurigaoka , Natori , Miyagi
TEL +81-22-381-3304
FAX +81-22-381-3325
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