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The university is committed to following the country beloved king’s pace who won a victory and free the Kingdom of Thailand in the past by priding itself to serve as a place where prescience is purged.
For well-qualified student production, Naresuan University is categorized into 3 clusters: the Health Sciences Cluster, the Science and Technology Cluster, and the Social Sciences Cluster. Besides, the university also incorporates 6 colleges and 22 Centers of Excellence, which are deemed as a required mechanism to effectively drive research and innovation fronts forward.
Naresuan University is currently ranked one of the top ten Thai universities and striving to achieve research excellence by developing capable human resources, increasing research publications, and producing as many innovations and intellectual properties as possible in both national and international arenas. This significantly contributes to strengthened research networking among partners, which, as a result, leads to development of steadily growing economics, healthy society, and globalized human resources.
The university is environmental friendly by exercising a policy to promote sustainable environment and green university. Energy is efficiently consumed and managed to help decrease the global warming, and alternative energy is comprehensively developed to substitute other costly depleting resources. This has to be formed from the ground up by encouraging staff and students to commit and engage in green-minded.
Naresuan University is currently ranked 10th in Thailand and 198th in the world indexed by UI Green Metric Ranking of World Universities 2014.
To create a better learning environment, a number of facilities and services is arranged for students to assure that their well-being in the university is safe and pleasant. Central Library, on-campus dormitories, sports facilities, electric-powered buses, and cycling lanes are set up to respond to all their requirements.
The King Naresuan the Great Science Park, covering the area of 13 hectares and located near the main entrance of the university, will be built to act as a venue of learning where Thai prosperous history is portrayed alongside with a series of conference and exhibition rooms and multi-purposed area for productive activities.
We are driving forward a world class university where teaching and research are required to be internationally recognized; hence hundreds of cooperative arrangements with esteemed overseas universities and the private sector to push exchange activities of staff and students culturally and academically.
With a long track record of this 25-year persistent attempt, Naresuan University is presently between the 9th and 11th ranking in Thailand and in the first top 300 Asian universities scaled by QS University Ranking: Asia 2015 announced on 10 June 2015.
It is still a long challenging journey for Naresuan University to maintain teaching and research excellence and producing highly capable graduates who are well rounded and ethical based on the threefold training; i.e., morality, concentration, and wisdom. This will eventually drive them to become global citizen who have a strong intention for a better and peaceful society. 

Student Population 20,001+
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