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Shih Chien, which in Chinese means “practice,” was originated from the belief of Wang Yangming, a great Chinese philosopher (1498): “Knowledge is the beginning of practice. Doing is the completion of knowing”. Shih Chien University keeps this motto in mind while implementing and expanding its educational vision. Over the years, the institution was upgraded in 1991 and promoted to university status in 1997.

Shih Chien University, formerly known as Shih Chien College of Human Economics, was founded in 1958 by Dr. Tung-Min Shieh. Today, the university is made up of 2 campuses and 5 colleges and is home to approximately 16,000 students and 700 faculties and staffs. While Taiwan is relatively more mature, stable, liberal, and much livelier than other Chinese societies in the world and plays a crucial role in the cross-strait relationship. Our two campuses are located in the most important cities in the north and south of Taiwan. Shih Chien University not only is a learning community with great academic atmosphere and artistic environment, but also offers international students various opportunities to experience Chinese culture and explore the fast growing region in Asia.

College of Human Ecology - Taipei Campus

College of Human Ecology was established in September of 1997, for the purpose of meeting the needs of modern society and strengthening the founding principles of Shih Chien University, especially basing on “Wholistic Education” and “Family Ethics” to be the central concepts, and as the of the teaching resources. 

Through placing emphasis on the teaching of human accomplishments, nurturing skills of second professional specialty course, and integrating the idea of innovation and industry cooperation with studies, teaching, and life science knowledge, in order to equip students with abilities of independent research and critical thinking.

College of Human Ecology aims at improving the life quality, family health, child development, society harmony, and people's well-beings in our country, as well as in the whole world.

College of Design - Taipei Campus

The college consists of four departments and four graduate institutes, offering bachelor’s degree and master’s degree (including on-job) programs in areas of Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Architecture Design, and Communications Design. The common objective of these studio-based programs is to educate students to have professional, inter-disciplinary, and innovative capabilities.

The college participates extensively in international and domestic design competitions, exhibitions, and education-industry cooperative projects. In 2007, the College was selected by the Business Week as one of the best 60 design schools in the world. In 2009, its master's program in the Graduate Institute Design was included on the lists of the world's best 30 design programs.

College of Management - Taipei Campus

In this college we place importance on the cultivation of students' professional business administration ability, engagement, professional ethics, as well as the idea of "innovation" and spirit of "practice". Therefore, College of Management particularly integrates fundamental business administration courses and ethical values, together with the "Flexible Learning for Students In-service" program, to offer students chances to take practical courses, intern in enterprises, equip our students with distinctive business administration abilities and engagement as well as rich and creative Pheromone, which are the inborn advantages that other colleges of management cannot easily get.

Moreover, in order to ensure the career development of students after graduation, we put special observation on the main stream and rising industries that are greatly in need of manpower and correspond to the specialized demand of WTO and cross-Strait economical style, accordingly provide cross-discipline "profession model" system and various cooperative relations with universities of different countries to help students build up an extensive global vision.

 College of Business and Information - Kaohsiung Campus

The establishment of Kaohsiung campus was rooted in the idea of Shih-Chien Domestic Science College founded by the late Vice-President Shieh, emphasizing life education, environment molding and cultivating professionals for the society based on the national policies and future needs. Hence, in addition to cooperating with the entire development strategies of Taipei Campus, Kaohsiung campus aims to become a localized intemational university, catering the differences between southern and northern parts of Taiwan.

Our educational aims are to cultivate students with job-oriented skills composed of professional competencies, linguistic competencies, technological competencies, international visions, and healthy life attitudes.

 College of Culture and Creativity - Kaohsiung Campus

College of Culture and Creativity was established in September of 2008.

Based on the founding principles of Shih Chien University — innovation, practice, perfection and with the core spirit that we are idea practitioners of creative life, the College orients itself toward helping students of business major build up themselves as individuals with humanistic concern, life creativity, and global vision. More than this, the College also aims at promoting local culture of southern Taiwan and developing students' creative thinking.

A special program for indigenous students starts from the 2010/1 1 academic year.

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