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Education is to the basis of Taiwan progression, and teacher cultivation to the priority of it. In 1899, Taiwan elementary education thrived and required Taiwanese teachers as Public School teachers (now called elementary school teachers). Taichung Normal School was established in Changhua Wunwu Temple at the time, Taipei Normal School in Taipei Dadaocheng, and Tainan Normal School in Tainan Sanshang King Temple . With the President 木下邦昌 and sixty school faculties efforts, Taichung Normal School, the former of National Taichung University of Education, was the preface to the history of Taiwan teacher education.

In 1902, Taichung Normal School was not well processed as anticipation. The School and Taipei Normal School were suspended at the time and the one in Tainan as well in 1904. However, Taiwan rudimentary education has already popularized in 1923. At the same time, Japan government announced that Taichung Normal School affiliating to Taiwan Governor General Administration was reestablished in Taichung 川端町及後壠子 (No. 140, Minsheng Rd., West District, Taichung City ). On the day of opening ceremony, President 大岩榮吾 standing on an old plow declaimed to six teachers, one clerk and 95 students. “ Taichung normal school now arises and the rough dorm is enclosed with. It may foster the future prospects and burden with great responsibilities. I urge you all to strive for our new school.” This inculcation brought National Taichung University of Education the nearly hundred year education mission. 

In 1943, the School was merged with Hsinchu Normal School to Taichung Teacher School (Junior College) of Taiwan Governor General Administration. Taichung Teacher School , at the time of Japanese occupation, nurtured two thousand more Taiwanese teachers who were all Taiwan elites and in addition, gave fresh impetus to Taiwan modernization.

In 1945, the government promoted the School to Taiwan Provincial Taichung Normal School . Mr. Hsueh Chien-Wu was the first president and then led the School to the era of Taichung Normal School . It came with a governmental movement and at the time within 1946 to 1949, there were four gentlemen, Hung Yen-Chiu, Liao Ying-Hua, Wang Yu-Lan and Huang Chin-Ao, taking charge of the School. President Liao encouraged all the faculties and students and wrote down the alma mater for school– One to be others' model is the light of the nation. President Wang left a motto of “setting a good example with one's own conduct,” and President Hung accomplished teacher spirit of free and living education from 1949 to 1960. It established a concept of model teacher training and helped school advancing toward the time of Teacher Junior College .

In 1960, the sixth president, Mr. Chu Hui-Sen , formed a democratic and liberated atmosphere on campus and took the lead in upgrading the school and renamed Taiwan Provincial Junior Teachers College which then went into the first transformation-Teacher Junior College. Subsequently in 1967, Mr. Lo Jen-Chieh held the School as the second president. He marked the school motto-loyal, firm, diligent and plain-four spirits based on Confucian culture and expected the School formed with loyal responsibility, firm perseverance, diligent conduct, and plain attitude. According to the democratic concept and four spirits, the third President Chen Han-Tsung proceeded dorm construction, developed reading climate, and promoted extracurricular activities in 1981. During the time of Teacher Junior College , the School established refined and professional academic ideal and it animated the School to a modern academic institution.

The School was advanced to Taiwan Provincial Taichung Teachers College in 1987. From hiring Mr. Chien Mao-Fa the first president, the college stepped into the second transmutability. Present Chien focused on promoting educational specialized and nourishing intimate and caring teachers. At the year of 1991, it had been promoted to National Taichung Teachers College and 1994, in keeping with Taiwan diverse society, the second President-Liu Hsiang-Chuan specialized academic education. In 2000, the third President Lai Ching-Piao aggressively extended the second campus, adjusted the curriculum to cultivate students' multi-capability and upgraded the school as National Taichung University of Education . Meanwhile, continuous enabling students of not only professional but also distinguishing features are the main school policy and it catalyzed the centenary school toward another epoch. 

President Lai and all the colleagues aimed at “stepping forward” and went through the next transformation by 2005. Hand in hand, they started the times of Taichung University . The next year, the second president of Taichung University , Mr. Yang Ssu-Wei, integrating the past social theory with refined ideal and academic professional, enabled non-teacher training students of pro-abilities and teacher training students of novel teacher spirits. Both refined specialists would make NTCU a model school of higher academy and in the future, the top in the region, the head in Taiwan and a distinguished liberal arts university in the nations. 

The campus still resound with the inculcation spoken by President 大岩榮吾 , “…I urge you all to strive for our new school,” and the past hundred thousand graduates leaving the Gothic building sang “Ilha Formosa, bristling NTCU, majestic in its variety…” It is still sung in every corner of Taiwan society and NTCU advances in the history toward the new age.

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