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javascript:void(0)about:blank#blockedSaveNational Chi Nan University (NCNU) is situated at Puli Township of Nantou County, Taiwan. Renowned for its majestic scenery and great natural abundance in an unspoiled mountainous area, Nantou has long been considered the heart and garden of Taiwan. Locating right at the geographical center of Taiwan, Puli is a well-bestowed land to be greatly proud of for its national recognition on 4features: Water, Wine, Weather and Worship. Being a pristine area embraced by ranges of green mountains, the town is endowed with a source of pure sweet spring Water, excellent for Wine-making. Weather in the neighborhood is mostly close to ideal with summer chilled by green shades and cold winter shortened. In addition, religious life in Puli is remarkably vibrant. Worship and belief in many religions are well practiced by the locals, giving Puli the 4th W.As the establishment of National Chi Nan University took place in the era of wireless communication, 2 more Ws have joined the original 4W of  Puli: Wisdom and Wi—Fi. NCNU enriches Puli to become not only a place of captivating attractions but also a place refined for academic pursuit. Blessed by modern network technologies such as Wi-Fi or 3G, the quaint rural air in Puli is now blended with human wisdom traveling in the form of digital packets. Altogether, the 7th W sums up the whole beautiful picture of NCNU@Puli: it is a Wonderful Land with 6 Ws of pride: Water, Wine, Weather, Worship, Wisdom and Wi-Fi.

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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Mailing Address Office of International Affairs, National Chi Nan University, 1st, University Rd., , Puli Township , Nantou County
TEL +886-49-2912-360
FAX +886-49-2912-496
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