NHU / Nanhua University
Chiayi County Taiwan

Nanhua University (NHU) was founded in 1996 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Funded through the support of millions of Fo Guang Shan followers, NHU is the first comprehensive and the multidisciplinary university established by Fo Guang Shan. NHU is a member of the Fo Guang Shan International University Consortium, the country’s first cross-nation university system.

Our educational philosophy is based on the principles of diligence, honesty, and humility. These principles are the defining qualities and driving force at NHU to cultivate students to realize their goals, make a leading contribution to society, and serve the disadvantaged and underprivileged. The curricula and programs offered at NHU center around Life Education, Environmental Sustainability, Intellectual Innovation, and the Three Acts of Goodness initiative. 

NHU has approximately 5,500 students: 78% undergraduates and 22% postgraduates. There are five colleges: College of Management, College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Arts and Design, and College of Science and Technology, with a total of 20 undergraduate programs, 24 graduate programs, and 1 doctoral program.

With three dormitories surrounded by nature that can accommodate over 2,000 students on campus, it is a peaceful and relaxing environment for students to dedicate their time to academic and leisure activities. Together with convenient transportation and friendly locals, NHU is the ideal institution for students seeking higher education.

Academic and cultural exchanges are key drivers for students to advance their studies beyond the classroom. NHU’s guiding endeavor is to cultivate students to seek knowledge and enjoy learning by experiencing, interacting, and engaging with different cultures and people. NHU has numerous partner universities worldwide, and we continue to initiate collaborative programs across all disciplines with the aim of providing more opportunities for students to expand their outlook on the world.

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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Mailing Address No.55, Sec. 1, Nanhua Rd., Dalin Township , Chiayi County , Chiayi County
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FAX +886-5-242-7168
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