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Tainan Taiwan

CTBC Business School was founded by CTBC Financial Holding in 2015, and is recognized as one of the most internationalized and established banking groups in Taiwan. The School offers practical training and educational development, for both local and internationally recruited students. This is accomplished through undergraduate and postgraduate programs, internship, and employment referral opportunity to CTBC Financial Holdings. The primary objective for CTBC Business School is to foster local and global financial experts and talent that will contribute significant value for the financial sector. We currently have international students from Canada, Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan which are part of our student body.

CTBC Business School is uniquely positioned as a scaled boutique business school. We extend invitation and warmly welcome international students to participate in our professional courses, and experience the amazing culture of Taiwan. We are proud of our campus facilities, student support systems and our faculty body, which also encompasses Industry Leaders and International Professors. We offer two full English-track degree programs - BBA and MBA with innovative curriculums that integrate business, finance, and technology. Additionally, our school also offers exclusive scholarship programs, support and services that are specifically available to new and incoming International Students. 

Student Population 0-5,000
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Mailing Address No. 600, Section 3 Taijiang Boulevard, Annan District , Tainan , Taiwan
TEL +886-6-287-0023
FAX +886-6-287-3851
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