CTBC / CTBC Business School
Tainan Taiwan

CTBC Business School was established in 2015 by the funding of CTBC Financial Holding to demonstrate corporate vision of promoting public interest and supporting the underprivileged and talented. 

In response to the policy of attracting Asian financial capital, CTBC Business School aims to nurture future business leaders who are well-informed about international trends and capable of independent and innovative thinking. 

CTBC Holding has eight major subsidiaries including Banking, Securities, Capital, Insurance, Asset Management, Investment, Home Security, and Lottery. With this direct connection to the industry, this partnership allows CTBC Business School to offer the most practical curriculum which reflects the trends and know-how of the banking industry. 

As a boutique business school in scale, CTBC Business School has so much to offer including full sponsorship for overseas study, internship programs, and financial career opportunity to the students.

Student Population 0-5,000
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Mailing Address No. 600, Section 3 Taijiang Boulevard, Annan District , Tainan , Taiwan
TEL +886-6-287-0023
FAX +886-6-287-3851
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