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Niigata University is the largest national university with 13,000 students on the Honshu main island along the coast of the Japan Sea (East Sea according to the Korean name). The bullet train "Shinkansen" takes you from Tokyo to Niigata train station in about two hours passing through mountains in the center of the island. Niigata International Airport has direct flights not only to major Japanese airports such as Narita, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka etc. but also to Inchon (for Seoul), Shanghai, etc.
The City of Niigata has a population of 800,000, but it is characterized by various industries including agriculture. Actually the Prefecture of Niigata is well-known as the producer of the best rice of Japan. Its traditional industries, some of which used to produce hooks, hoes, knives etc. for local use, now produce the case of iPad etc., adjusting themselves to the contemporary needs of the world. Because of these various industries, living costs are reasonable and the living environment is also agreeable, although those from warm countries may first be surprised by the weather in winter while enjoying snow and skiing in mountainous areas.
We are pleased to continue our USCO Multilateral Exchange Program (UME, or Program A) for 2018 April enrollment in addition to the programs under bilateral agreements with various universities in Asia, the Pacific, Europe and America. Enjoy the various research subjects Niigata University provides as well as the living environment and the life with various students not only from Japan (not only from Niigata) but also from many other countries here at Niigata University.

Student Population 5,001-20,000
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