TAU / Tarlac Agricultural University
Camiling Philippines

The Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) is mandated by law to provide advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in the fields of agriculture, agribusiness management, science and technology, engineering, teacher education, non-traditional courses, and other relevant fields of study. It shall also undertake research, extension services, and production activities in support of the development of the Province of Tarlac, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.

TAU is strategically committed to advance its portfolio of global partnerships through the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial alliances with academic institutions, government agencies and private industries that share common aims and interests. These alliances bring many benefits to staff and students alike, and extend and enhance the University’s international reach and reputation. The Office of External Linkages and International Affairs (ELIA) serves as the institution’s frontline arm in the University’s thrust to expand horizons on partnership development, increase its consortia or organizational memberships, and advance its internationalization and global engagement.


Driven to instigate the vision to become one of the Top 500 agricultural universities in Asia, the University aggressively takes bold imperative initiatives to develop a resilient internationalization engagement, to build relevant opportunities for faculty and students towards cross border mobility and internationalization of higher education, and to redesign the institution’s capability in escalating memberships in alliances and networks.


Compelled by the commitment to initiate personal and societal transformation, TAU engages in innumerable programs anticipated to effect change and stay relevant.  It continuously strives to remain enthusiastic in seeking all potential tie-ups in order to pull off its mission of bringing out social transformation and countryside development towards establishing international relations and global engagement.

Most significantly, the University also envisions to serve as a meaningful international resource for the local community by creating awareness on globalization/internationalization, ASEAN integration, by inciting interest and appreciation of the language and culture of other nations, and by developing competent glocal graduates in addressing the current demands of the world labor market through an internationalized and industry-based curriculum.

Student Population 0-5,000
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