ucm / Universidad Catolica del Maule
Undergraduate program
Talca Chile
Program A/B
2021 Spring (1st,2nd Cycle)
GPA 71.4%

General Information

Host Institution

With more than  60 years of tradition, UCM is strongly involved in the development of the territory of the region and its inhabitants. It is made up of 8 faculties, considering various disciplinary areas, being the most traditional those of education and health. It has 34  undergraduate programs, 11 specialties of medical and health sciences and 16  graduate programs. UCM works towards promoting its scientific applied research and strengthening graduate studies, significantly contributing to the development of new knowledge relevant to its local context.

Mailing Address
Avda. San Miguel 3605 , Talca , Talca



Study Abroad Year
Spring Semester
Nomination Deadline
1st cycle:03/Jul/2020
2nd cycle: 22/Sep/2020
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Accept Program A 6students / Semester
Accept Program B

6students / Semester

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1USD ≒780

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List of study programs that are open for international exchanges

Content Facultad de Medicina
• Química y Farmacia
• Medicina

Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación
• Pedagogía en Educación Física
• Pedagogía en Inglés
• Pedagogía en Educación General Básica con Mención - Curicó
• Pedagogía en Educación General Básica con Mención - Talca
• Pedagogía en Lengua Castellana y Comunicación
• Pedagogía en Educación Especial
• Educación Parvularia - Curicó

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
• Tecnología Médica
• Enfermería Talca
• Enfermería - Curicó
• Kinesiología
• Nutrición y Dietética
• Psicología

Facultad de Ciencias de la Ingeniería
• Construcción Civil (vespertino)
• Ingeniería Civil
• Ingeniería Civil Industrial
• Ingeniería Civil Informática
• Ingeniería Ejecución en Computación e Informática (vespertino)
• Ingeniería en Construcción
• Ingeniería Civil Electrónica

Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales
• Agronomía
• Ingeniería en Biotecnología

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas
• Derecho
• Trabajo Social - Talca
• Auditoría (Vespertino) Talca
• Auditoría (Vespertino) Curicó
• Ingeniería Comercial
• Administración Pública
• Sociología
• Trabajo Social - Curicó

Facultad de Ciencias Religiosas y Filosóficas
• Pedagogía en Religión y Filosofía

Facultad de Ciencias Básicas
Ver más
• Ingeniería en Estadística
• Pedagogía en Ciencias
• Pedagogía en Matemáticas y Computación

More information: http://portal.ucm.cl/admision/carreras

Teaching Language Spanish
Exchange Duration
1st Semester
From: 01/Mar/2021 To: 22/Jul/2021
2nd Semester
From: 01/Aug/2021 To: 15/Dec/2021
*Students can choose either 1 semester study or 2 semesters study

TENTATIVE academic calendar

Language Proficiency Requirements

DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera): DELE B1

In case the applicant do not meet the language level required, we suggest to take spanish classes during the semester in chile.

about language: We expect the student has at least level B1 of spanish language

Academic Field
--Agricultural Business Operations, --Agricultural Economics, --Agronomy and Crop Science, --Horticulture Operations, --Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management, --Soil Sciences, --Viticulture and Enology,
--Anatomy, --Botany/Plant Biology, --Oncology and Cancer Biology, --Physiology, --Plant Physiology,
--Accounting, --Auditing, --Business Management, --Economics, --Marketing, --Organizational Leadership,
Computer and Information Sciences
--Computer Applications Programming, --Informatics,
Construction Trades
--Building Construction Technology,
--Adult and Continuing Education, --Early Childhood Education, --Elementary Education, --Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, --Teaching Individuals with Mental Retardation,
--Agricultural Engineering, --Civil Engineering, --Computer Engineering, --Computer Software Engineering, --Industrial Engineering,
English Language and Literature
--General Literature,
Foreign Languages and Literatures
--Spanish Language and Literature,
Health Sciences
--Dietetics, --Medicine, --Nutrition Sciences,
Human Services
--Public Administration, --Social Work,
Law/Criminal Justice
--Legal Studies,
Natural Resources/Conservation
Philosophy and Religious Studies
--Biblical Studies, --Christian Studies, --Ethics, --Philosophy, --Religious Studies, --Theological Studies,
--Behavioral Sciences, --Clinical Psychology, --Educational Psychology,
Social Sciences
Sports Studies
--Kinesiology and Exercise Science, --Sports Studies,

International Relations Office will evaluate directly with the applicant.

5 / 7 (71.4%)
Instruction Facilities and Other Supports Library, university restaurants, heated swimming pool , cultural and art activities, gym, atlethic tracks, activities for international students such as trips, cultural meetings, etc.- UCM is located in the best part of the city. And the city of Talca is very close to the andes mountains and beautiful places to visit during the weekends. We support the students to find good options of lodging.
Scholarship information
FOOD: We give lunch at the university restaurants. One ticket per day from Monday to Friday

For semester programs students can access to special transport discount

Housing Type
  • Others

  • We support students to find an adequate accomodation. Prices vary between USD 200-250 per person monthly.
Housing charge
Cost of living

Estimated living cost per month excluding Housing Fee

$ 300 - 400 per month
Medical Insurance Required (For student)
Visa Process https://minrel.gob.cl/visas/minrel/2008-06-19/154024.html

All applications will be received from September 1st to November 10th

Please inform prospective dates of acceptance if the dates would be later than UMAP's Timeline for onlire placement period. It helps students to choose their preferences.

Link to the Course List available for international students / Other related links

Regular Academic Calendar (indicate the period)

First Semester
From:01/Mar/2021To:15/Jul/2021(5 months)
Second Semester
From:01/Aug/2021To:15/Dec/2021(5 months)
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
Website of academic year

Semester Load in Credits/Units

1UCTS = 1Credit/1.5ECTS/3CATS *What's UCTS?


General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation
Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

This program has been closed for appplications

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