NUK / National University of Kaohsiung
International School Program (ISP)
Kaohsiung Taiwan
Program A/B
2020 Fall (2nd Cycle)

General Information

Host Institution
The National University of Kaohsiung (NUK), the only national university instituted in the millennium in Taiwan, was found on February 1, 2000. In accordance with the government’s industrial development policy and to promote the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Regional Operation Center (including Southern Taiwan Science Park, Kaohsiung Multifunctional Commerce and Trade Park and International Warehousing and Processing Transit Center), we assist to upgrade and transform traditional industries and train professionals in technology and management.
Mailing Address
No. 700, Kaohsiung University Rd., Nanzih District , Kaohsiung , Taiwan

Study Abroad Year
Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline
2nd cycle: 16/Mar/2020

*Application reception will begin on the 2nd cycle

Contact information

Accept Program A 2students / Semester
Accept Program B

0students / Semester

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1USD ≒

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List of study programs that are open for international exchanges

Content Full English-taught program in Bachelor level to International Business and Information Management, Science and Technology, and International Business, Law and Management.
Teaching Language English
Exchange Duration
1st Semester
From: 07/Sep/2020 To: 11/Jan/2021
Language Proficiency Requirements

Accept Native English
TOEIC: 550 - 665(Prerequisite)

Academic Field
Instruction Facilities and Other Supports
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Housing Type

Housing charge
Cost of living
Medical Insurance
Visa Process

Please inform prospective dates of acceptance if the dates would be later than UMAP's Timeline for onlire placement period. It helps students to choose their preferences.

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Regular Academic Calendar (indicate the period)

First Semester
From:07/Sep/2020To:08/Jan/2021(4 months)
Second Semester
From:08/Feb/2021To:11/Jun/2021(4 months)
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
Website of academic year

Semester Load in Credits/Units

1UCTS = 1Credit/1.5ECTS/3CATS *What's UCTS?


General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation
Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

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