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Hsinchu Taiwan
Program A/B
2020 Fall (2nd Cycle)

General Information

Host Institution
National Tsing Hua University is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 72 kilometers south of Taipei. The campus covers over 136.06 hectares (366.2 acres) of scenic land,flush with lakes and trees. Campus convenience is of the utmost, neighboring research institutes and universities, like: the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSSRC), National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Chung-Hua University (CHU), and the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park (HSIP). Hsinchu is accurately known and dubbed as the 'Science city of Taiwan'.

National Tsing Hua University was formally merged with National Hsinchu University of Education (NHCUE) on the first of November, 2016. The university now has 10 colleges, 26 departments, 27 independent graduate institutes,and 10 master and PhD programs : the Colleges of Science, Engineering, Nuclear Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the Colleges of Technology Management, Tsing Hua, Education, and Arts. NTHU employs over 808 full-time faculty members. More than 16,547 students, around 9,006 undergraduates, 5,805 master candidates and 1,736 for doctoral candidates as of data of fall semester 2016. The student-faculty ratio is 20.48:1 and male to female students is 2.1:1.


NTHU emphasizes interdisciplinary approach. In addition to upholding basic standards, undergraduate curricula are designed to maximize flexibility as well as integration. NTHU surpasses curricula norms, transcending collegiate and departmental boundaries.
Mailing Address
No. 101, Section 2, Kuang Fu Road, , Hsinchu , Hsinchu


Study Abroad Year
Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline
2nd cycle: 16/Mar/2020

*Application reception will begin on the 2nd cycle

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Accept Program A 2students / Semester
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List of study programs that are open for international exchanges

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Except EMBA
Teaching Language Offer courses in both Chinese and English.
Exchange Duration
1st Semester
From: 01/Sep/2020 To: 31/Jan/2021
2nd Semester
From: 15/Feb/2021 To: 30/Jun/2021
*Students can choose either 1 semester study or 2 semesters study

The above dates are approximately

Language Proficiency Requirements

Accept Native English

For incoming exchange, most of programs are without language proficiency requirements.

Academic Field
--Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology,
--Accounting, --Business Management, --Economics, --Finance,
Computer and Information Sciences
--Computer and IT Support Services, --Computer Applications Programming, --Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications, --Informatics,
--Early Childhood Education, --Special Education,
--Chemical Engineering, --Electrical and Electronics Engineering, --Industrial Engineering, --Mechanical Engineering, --Nanotechnology,
Foreign Languages and Literatures
--Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other,
--History, Other,
Law/Criminal Justice
--Business Law,
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Physical Sciences
--Astronomy, --Chemistry, --Physics,
--Counseling Psychology,
Social Sciences
--Anthropology, --Sociology,
Sports Studies
--Sports Studies,
Visual and Performing Arts
--Art Studies,

Not required for incoming exchange

Instruction Facilities and Other Supports
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Housing Type

Housing charge
Cost of living
Medical Insurance
Visa Process

Please inform prospective dates of acceptance if the dates would be later than UMAP's Timeline for onlire placement period. It helps students to choose their preferences.

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Regular Academic Calendar (indicate the period)

First Semester
From:01/Sep/2020To:31/Jan/2021(5 months)
Second Semester
From:15/Feb/2021To:30/Jun/2021(5 months)
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
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Semester Load in Credits/Units

1UCTS = 1Credit/1.5ECTS/3CATS *What's UCTS?


General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation
Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

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