isu / I-Shou University
Kaohsiung City Taiwan
Program A/B
2020 Fall (1st,2nd Cycle)

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I-Shou University (ISU) is situated in the Guanyin Mountain area of northeastern Kaohsiung. The University firstly opened its gates in 1990. Today, with its continuous development, ISU has 9 colleges, 42 departments, 19 masters programs, and 7 doctoral programs. Moreover, the Division of Continuing Education also has 17 undergraduate programs, 10 in-service master’s programs and 2 two-year in-service programs. The University has approximately 17,000 students and 563 full-time faculty members, 90% of whom possess a doctoral degree, making it a young and promising institution of higher education with a great potential.

E- United Group, to which ISU is affiliated, conducts the business in the sectors of manufacturing, medical services, education, as well as real estate & leisure development, including Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Yieh United Steel Corporation, E-DA Hospital, E-DA World and etc. With the generous financial support from E-United Group, the University has equipment and facilities that are unparalleled among other universities in Taiwan. Also, the University is one of the few comprehensive universities that integrates theory into practice, and is cognizant of and responsive to the needs of industries.

With the support of E-United Group, ISU provides substantial offers to recruit faculty members with research specialties and practical experiences from different disciplines and professions. In regards to the curriculum design, ISU underlines the importance of both theory and experiments. Faculty members are encouraged to engage students in researching not only in their respective fields, but tapping into interdisciplinary studies as well.

In addition to collaboration with affiliated companies of E-United Group, the University also actively seeks opportunities to work with other business entities for internship programs. By so doing, students are provided with more hands-on experience to work in different sectors. There are some 353 business entities working with the University in the form of industry-university collaboration, including industries of technology, electronics, medical services, iron & steel, hospitality, department stores, and hotels. The University aspires to meet the needs of different industries, cultivate professional talents, and carry out university-specific research projects. 

Therefore, in 2014 our College of Management, College of Tourism & Hospitality and International College got international accreditation AACSB at same time. In 2016, the world ranking of ISU is top 800, and the ranking in Asia is top 200. We have good reputation on the international performance. 

Now ISU has more than 2,300 international students from 49 countries, and 533 sister schools from all over the world. 

Mailing Address
No.1, Sec.1, Syuecheng Rd., Dashu District , Kaohsiung City , Taiwan

Study Abroad Year
Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline
1st cycle:06/Jan/2020
2nd cycle: 16/Mar/2020
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List of study programs that are open for international exchanges

Content Programs taught in English
1. Department of International Business Administration
2. Department of International Finance
3. Department of International Tourism and Hospitality
4. Department of Entertainment Management
5. Applied English
6. International Program on Communication Production
7. International Program on Intelligent Systems and Automation Engineering
Teaching Language English
Exchange Duration
1st Semester
From: 02/Sep/2020 To: 31/Jan/2021
2nd Semester
From: 11/Feb/2021 To: 30/Jun/2021
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First Semester
From:02/Sep/2020To:31/Jan/2021(5 months)
Second Semester
From:11/Feb/2021To:30/Jun/2021(5 months)
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Fourth Semester
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