sgu / Shokei Gakuin University
SGU-UMAP Student Exchange Program
Natori Japan
Program A/B
2020 Fall (1st,2nd Cycle)
GPA 50%

General Information

Host Institution

Shokei Gakuin University, established in 1892, is located in Natori City, a suburb south of Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture.  Sendai is the second largest city in Northern Japan.  The campus is in a natural setting on a hill that overlooks Sendai City, the Pacific Ocean and the Zao mountain range.  With our beautiful campus and warm, friendly faculty and staff, Shokei Gakuin University endeavors to offer the best support to help students’ dreams come true.

We have six departments under the Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences and it will be reorganized from April 2019 to three colleges; College of Humanities and Social Studies, College of Psychology and Education and College of Human Health and Nutrition. 

Mailing Address
4-10-1 Yurigaoka , Natori , Miyagi

Study Abroad Year
Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline
1st cycle:06/Jan/2020
2nd cycle: 16/Mar/2020
Contact information

Accept Program A 2students / Semester
Accept Program B

0students / Semester

Local currency exchange rate

1USD ≒

Update date 14/Nov/2019 00:59:16
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List of study programs that are open for international exchanges

Content SGU's Student Exchange Program provides the opportunity for students from
UMAP membership universities to study for one or two semesters in SGU,
taking modules from any of our undergraduate faculties.
Teaching Language Japanese
Exchange Duration
1st Semester
From: 21/Sep/2020 To: 12/Feb/2021
2nd Semester
From: 01/Apr/2021 To: 06/Aug/2021
*Students can choose either 1 semester study or 2 semesters study

End of 2 semesters in August 2021 is TBD.

Language Proficiency Requirements

Accept Native English

Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N1, Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2

Host institution's proof of the candidate's Japanese language skill equivalent to JLPT N2.

Academic Field
--Environmental Design/Architecture, --Landscape Architecture, --Urban Planning,
Area Studies
--Asian Studies, --European Studies, --Japanese Studies, --United States Studies,
--Digital Communication and Media, --Intercultural Communication, --Mass Communication/Media Studies, --Speech Communication and Rhetoric,
--Early Childhood Education, --Elementary Education, --Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, --Secondary Education, --Special Education,
Health Sciences
--Dietetics, --Nutrition Sciences,
Human Services
--Community Organization and Advocacy, --Mortuary Science, --Public Administration, --Social Work,
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Library and Information Science
--Archival Administration,
Natural Resources/Conservation
--Environmental Science, --Sustainability Studies,
Philosophy and Religious Studies
--Christian Studies, --Religious Studies,
--Behavioral Sciences, --Clinical Psychology, --Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics, --Counseling Psychology, --Developmental and Child Psychology, --Educational Psychology, --Forensic Psychology, --Industrial and Organizational Psychology,
Social Sciences
--Anthropology, --Family and Consumer Sciences, --Human Development and Family Studies, --Political Science and Government, --Sociology, --Urban Studies, --Work and Family Studies,

Recommendation letter from the home institution required for those with lower GPA scores.

2 / 4 (50%)
Instruction Facilities and Other Supports We appoint a Japanese student tutor for each foreign exchange student. Tutor helps exchange student to adjust Japanese culture and university life.
Scholarship information
Housing Type
  • Dormitory

Housing charge
Local currency
  • JPY55000
Cost of living

Estimated living cost per month excluding Housing Fee

$ 300 - 400 per month
Medical Insurance Required (Instuation offers)
USD$100/ per semester
Visa Process
SGU applies for Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf in Japan, it will take
about 2 months to be issued.

Please inform prospective dates of acceptance if the dates would be later than UMAP's Timeline for onlire placement period. It helps students to choose their preferences.

Link to the Course List available for international students / Other related links

Regular Academic Calendar (indicate the period)

First Semester
From:01/Apr/2020To:10/Aug/2020(5 months)
Second Semester
From:24/Sep/2020To:12/Feb/2021(5 months)
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
Website of academic year

Semester Load in Credits/Units

1UCTS = 1Credit/1.5ECTS/3CATS *What's UCTS?


General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation
Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

This program has been closed for appplications

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